Monday, June 13, 2016

Age of Sigmar looks to be post-modernist over-the-top schlock judging by the sculpts alone..

It's 6 am.. just chilling before I go to work, and decided to take a glance over at GW's website..Many old timers have dissed Age of Sigmar but now that I am finally turning my eye to it, I can see why some are calling it Fetishammer.

I am ramping up to get into Frostgrave and Kings of War to try out some more classical fantasy and looking around for fantasy sculpts.

I have been buying old GW Warhammer troops lately and can't bring myself to buy new Age of Sigmar sculpts. Maybe it's a case of me being a grumpy old man yelling for kids to get off my lawn.. Or maybe, I am rejecting this post-modernist fantasy GW is offering in Sigmar.

Yeah, yeah, I know they want to go skirmish and more 40K, but the fact that everyone in Age of Sigmar looks to be in powered-armour is a turn off.

I mean, look at this over-the-top stuff.. These sculpts are on the same par ...

as the ridiculous armour seen in the movie Excalibur.

 In other words..




Even the damn Orcs who are not renowned for their intelligence are in this bright yellow "busy" armour..

I can understand not bothering with camouflage in a futuristic setting because of technology, but why wear bright yellow armour as you're traipsing through the bush in a fantasy setting... 

And seriously, powered-armour and wings...It's a bit Wagnerian, no? 

Is this guy going into battle or dressed up in a bad Anime cosplay outfit?

Isn't this supposed to be a post-holocaust fantasy world anyway? Everyone looks wealthier than they did before the Old World shattered what with all the golden armour and stuff that even the animals are wearing.

Maybe GW is burnt-out after 30 years of classic fantasy and can't stand to sculpt another medieval dressed hero.. or maybe they think 13 year old boys will be drawn to this (though I can't imagine most having the skills to successfully assemble and paint this ostentatious stuff)...maybe it's the fantasy hobby itself which took off with TSR's Chainmail in the early 1970s that is finally showing it's age.

Maybe GW thinks all this ostentatious armour makes it one step ahead of 3D printing and are taking a gamble that 13 year olds going forward will love this stuff rather than crude 3D printed sculpts made in Mom's basement..

Whatever the case, I think Sigmar is pushing the envelope too far and "breaks" fantasy past the point where you can suspend disbelief or at the very least, no longer makes it recognizable anymore.

No wonder Kings of War and Frostgrave is kicking butt.. When it comes to fantasy, this old man wants the classical look and feel, and so it seems, most long time hobbyists.

Age of Sigmar is a case of too much sugar in my ice cream.. 

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